Below are the presentations that I’ve given at various events.

Presentation Date Event Slides
Removing Impediments and Cultivating a Culture of Feedback Mar ’18 Regional Scrum Gathering Canada Link
The Impact of Gender Bias on Feedback – Lightning Talk Aug ’17 Agile2017 Link
Gender’s Impact on Feedback Loops – Lightning Talk Aug ’17 Women In Agile Workshop 2017 Link
Radio Interview on Tech Scene Chicago Aug ’17 Tech Scene Chicago Link
Budgeting in Agile Jan ’17 Chicago Agile Open Space Link
Illinois Institute of Technology Panel Discussion Dec ’16 IIT Link
Agile2016 Conference Recap Aug ’16 Chicago Agile Open Space Link
Highlights of the Agile2016 Conference Aug ’16 Lean and Agile Learning Network Meetup Link
Women and Agile 2016 Jun ’16 Chicago Agile Open Space Link